Friday, April 16, 2010

Product 46: Maharam Digital Projects

When children grow up, they become adults. When posters grow up, they become Maharam Digital Projects. Maharam, renowned for their patterned wallcoverings and textiles, recently debuted their next generation in wall decor--Digital Projects. Digital Projects are graphics, photography, and other large-scale art pieces printed on a sort of wallpaper (a blend of cellulose, latex, and nylon), which is then applied by specialists to smooth walls. Consumers can buy a section of the piece or the whole thing, which can be applied in full size or a scaled version. Maintenance is easy once the persnickety adhesion/application process is completed (walls must be COMPLETELY smooth)--just wipe clean with mild soap and water. Though somewhat costly, these images can be customized or chosen out of the Maharam Library, and are far less expensive than same-/similarly-sized art in most settings. For more, check out .

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