Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Product 54: Acoustimac, LLC Acousticart Panels

Digital Wall Art is one of the Design industry's latest crazes, but sometimes more practical issues must be dealt with instead. Here, Acoustimac has solved one of them by marrying Wall Art with Acoustical panels to create...Acousticart, of course. Simple 3-step process: upload picture(s), order panels in proper size, install. Reasonably priced, high durability, and just plain good-lookin', Acousticart can be used in studios, restaurants, or retail spaces. Sizes and prices are subject to change because of a sale, but here they are: 2' x 2' is $125, 3' x 2' is $189, and 4' x 2' is $229. Check out these and other neat products, including a DIY section, at acoustimac.com .

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