Friday, April 16, 2010

Product 50: Solistone Metal Tiles

For the fiftieth blog, something special is in order: Solistone Metal Tiles. This Los Angeles based company manufactures a variety of tile-like items, from pebbles to mosaic tiles, to these fascinating metal ones. Made from Stainless Steel, these organically-shaped hardy little wonders are remarkably durable and easy to clean: they can be used in indoor or outdoor applications for upwards of 20 years or more, and can be wiped with a rag, soap, and water. For fingerprints or other oily grime, use a rag and olive oil. The tiles can also be installed around gently curving surfaces, according to the site, which could create quite the pop. That's it, other than the color selection: solar (gold), radiant (light blue), orbit (copper), astro (pewter-y silver), zenith (silvery black), umbra (inky black), aurora (a true silver), and ultraviolet (purple).

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