Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Product 53: Valspar Latex Porch and Floor Paint

Some hardwood floors perfectly capture the natural beauty of wood and grain. Some don't. For the latter, Valspar Paints offers an easy and mostly eco-friendly solution: Porch and Floor Paint. Though it only comes in light and dark gray, it's oil-based sister seems to offer more range in that department. The latex formula has an acrylic resin vehicle (which makes for an acrylic coating), and has high durability and life expectancy, provided the space is properly prepared for it. One gallon covers roughly 100 square feet, but should more be required, head to the local Lowe's to buy more. This floor paint is non-glare, low sheen, and has "easy water clean-up." More? Visit valspar.com .

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