Friday, April 16, 2010

Product 47: Knoll's Copeland Light

Knoll, the empire of comfortably efficient design solutions, has a magical lamp. Albeit not one for rubbing and genies, the Copeland Light certainly fulfills more than three office space wishes. The Copeland Light was designed by Canada native Stephan Copeland for Knoll, and comes in large and small, and in black or silver. The bulb fitting allows either incandescent or CFL bulbs. The lamp can be mounted on a base, a table clamp, a panel mount, a slatwall mount, or a grommet mount. Three circular joints rotate in just about every direction to illuminate everything everywhere. And, perhaps best of all, the head of this hydra can be turned completely around and has a ring-shaped hole on the back, so the user can have direct light from the base with partial ambient light from the top, or vice versa. Knoll's website has numerous pictures and videos, as well as designer biographies, so visit for more ergonomic enjoyment.

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