Thursday, February 11, 2010

Product 10: Alkemi Natural 10 Surface material

Ever wonder what happens to all of those scrap pieces of fine-flake aluminum? Now you do: Alkemi, a LEED and SCS certified company under Renewed Materials, LLC, gives them new purpose. The flakes are mixed with a polyester-based resin, and churned out as countertop surfaces. 34% of the post-industrial fine-flake aluminum waste is used in production, making it green and durable, yet with no hazardous footprint. At first glance these surfaces look much like a granite, but a closer view reveals tiny, shiny curls of aluminum embedded in a customizable resin. There are 14 colors, three lines, and three finishes. Textured and classic finishes look to be chock full of the little flakes, while the honed finish grinds down some of the edges and makes little nautilus shell shapes (see images). The Alkemi and Alkemi Anodize are translucent, but the Alkemi Opaque lives up to it's name, with a milky-looking resin. These surfaces come in 1/2" and 3/4" thicknesses, and in 36"x 120" and 36"x 96" sheets. For more on Alkemi, check out

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