Friday, February 19, 2010

Product 13: HanStone Premier Ruscello Collection

What's better than quartz surfaces? Highest quality quartz surfaces, from HanStone's Premier Ruscello Collection. HanStone Premier offers 36 top-notch surfaces in mostly warm and sandy tones (although Mystic Blue and Passion Rouge certainly stand out), deliverable anywhere around the globe. The five Ruscello choices are different from their predecessors in that there is very light veining, and almost no chip conglomerations. HanStone is backed by sustainability watchdog Greenguard for it's natural qualities and the National Science Foundation for it's sanitary non-porous surface. Client literature boasts "there truly is no better or safer surface in your kitchen or bathroom than HanStone." Other HanStone Premier surfaces offer a variety of choices in visual pattern: light or heavy veining, light or heavy chip conglomeration, and a few nearly flat picks. To check these out, see .

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