Friday, February 26, 2010

Product 19: B+N Industries' Quadri Frame System

B+N Industries has a way of making the unique even more so. Take the Quadri Frame System. It's not enough to just make lightweight, easy-to-use commercial display setups. Oh, no. They have to come in schmancy anodized aluminum and powder-coated steel, with clear acrylic accessories. And they'd have to be flexible in use: suspended from the ceiling, hung off the wall, leaned on the wall, or set up on the ground. And have interchangeable parts: pedestals, tables, display boxes, mannequins, and hardware. And the central point of the entire system would have to be really big and really customizable: the frame can be 1" or 4" wide, and the customer picks from multiple formats (horizontal, vertical, wide and squarish, tall and longish, wide and longish...etc). Wait, wait,'s reasonably priced, too (hardware starts at $7.00, and frames run the gamut from $52.00 to $595.00). To see more of these fascinating set-ups, see .

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