Friday, February 19, 2010

Product 12: WAC Lighting's Dazzle Collection-Minni

Although variety in a blog is a virtue, there was simply no deciding between the two WAC Collections. Both were in need of publishing, and so they were. Parte deux in this romance between blogger and manufacturer is WAC Lighting's Dazzle Collection. Minni comes in four clear glass colors, four socket set metallics, and as a part of the Quick Connect system. Like tiny flying saucer-Christmas Ornaments, Minni is visually barely there, but it's 50w capabilities say differently. Quite possibly the most exciting element of the sustainable fixtures is Quick Connect: Can't decide between Amethyst and Turquoise? Collect them all, and when a verdict is reached Quick Connect allows for a grand switcheroo in very little time. For more products and information pay a visit to .

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