Friday, February 26, 2010

Product 18: Ann Sacks Bath Furnishings, Davlin

Finally, bathroom accessories worthy of Ann Sacks tile: Ann Sacks Bath Furnishings. These costly beauties are just that and a whole lot more. The Davlin group, for example, is made of handcrafted tile and glass, encasing artisanal gold leaf (available in four tones, for the discriminating gold leaf buyer: plain, antique, rose, and copper). Tony Davlin is a tile designer/craftsman for Ann Sacks tile, and his attention to detail is just as evident here as it is in his tile. The vase, tumbler, and wastebasket are hand-blown glass, and the soap dish and tray are made through the same process as the tile. The recommended tissue box cover and soap pump are borrowed from the Broadway line within the same collection. Careful, though--these pieces must be gently hand-washed or wiped clean. Prices range from $48.00 to $438.00, and for more information on this brilliant set, see .

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