Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Product 3: ECORE's ECOsurfaces-ECOnights

A unique product form North America's top scrap tire rubber user, ECOnights is a product line within a line. ECOsurfaces is a flooring line featuring tiny shredded rubber bits that are dyed in dozens of different colors, then fused together to create a comfort-first, all-purpose, low-maintenance flooring. ECO-nights for Sport, one of 12 ECOsurfaces lines, is popular at gyms, skating rinks, and other high-impact spaces. Best of all (at least for the klutzes among us), it's slip-resistant in both wet and dry conditions. ECOnights for Sport certainly doesn't smell like recycled tires, and it meets the Washington State standard for low-VOC emissions, and is quick to install. ECOsurfaces falls under its corporate head, ECORE, a founding member of the USGBC, and is LEED-accredited. Two small problems: limited color palette in this sub-line (the 11 other ECO-brands make up for this, however), and the lots of this product are only sold in full yields, which could be problematic for smaller spaces. Cheesy names like "Chunky Munky" and "Mission Possible" more than compensate for such iniquities. For more information on this product, visit .

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