Friday, February 19, 2010

Product 15: PolyFlor's XL PU Heavy Duty Vinyl Flooring--Azure

While PolyFlor might want to work on product line names, they certainly got the product right. XL PU is a heavy-duty vinyl flooring created from homogenous PVC. Easy to clean and maintain, this slightly dimpled impervious floor is perfect for the healthcare industry. XL PU's rubberized texture cushions the feet and is slip and skid resistant. Approximately two dozen colors are available in the two-tone marbleized pattern. XL PU can be ordered in both sheets and tiles, and is recyclable. One small issue: PolyFlor is a predominantly European corporation, and they only have a handful of state-side distributors. Flexibility in supplier-locators, sample-requests and ordering decisions makes up for this in general. To see the full range of XL PU, go to the site at .

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