Friday, February 26, 2010

Product 16: Architex Textiles, WBRF2 Homage Collection (French Curve)

One of the big-dogs in commercial and upscale textiles, Architex offers wall-coverings, privacy curtains, outdoor fabric, drapery, leather, high-performance fabric, and upholstery. It is this last that will be featured today, specifically Architex' Walter Buhl Ford II Homage Collection, and to be even more pointed, the French Curve pattern. Affectionately known as the WBF2 Collection, these patterns and colors perfectly evoke the name of yet another of their sub-headings, the Mid-Century Collection. Vivid hues, mod organic patterns, and accents of the traditional (i.e. ticking stripes and tiny florals) make for some serious visual interest. The French Curve pattern was of particular interest, with its striking boomerang curves, because it is a true throwback to the mid-20th century. It is 100% polyester, but Architex offers plenty of green products, too, along with a kickin' site search system. Pattern repeat is 3.4"V-3"H, and it's 54" wide. French Curve can be ordered in 9 (apparently tasty) colors, from Avocado to Chutney, Nutmeg to Oyster. But for the full experience visit .

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