Friday, February 19, 2010

Product 14: Centiva for World Options, Contour Series, Asphalt

Centiva's eco-friendly line, World Options, has unveiled the Contour Series. Contour is a broad range of flooring options created form 100% recyclable heterogenous PVC, or vinyl flooring. The Asphalt pair is of particular interest in that it actually looks like asphalt, albeit a tad shimmery. The Asphalt flooring is pewter and silver tones on a black surface, pitted just like the real thing and with graduated edges. The equally slip-resistant sister, Arizona Asphalt (who knew roads were so different in Arizona?) is the same, but with a dark brown background and bronze and coppery fleck on top. Surprisingly enough, these two industrial look-alikes are the very definition of low-key chic, and are extremely durable and low-maintenance. More, you say? Go to , or e-mail at

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