Thursday, February 11, 2010

Product 7: Spires Chandelier by Kichler Lighting

Much like Alexander Calder's famously counterbalanced sculpture and models, Kichler's Spires Chandelier hangs acrobatically in mid-air. Twelve incandescent light bulbs rest on shallow bowls, which in turn set on top of narrow tubes (well, spires), atop a cantilevered asterisk-like base. Somewhere between mod and Art Deco, Spires is plated in Brushed Nickel. It comes in one size up, with 18 bulbs, as well. Spires is a nice go between when the design setting needs glamour and sophisticated simplicity. The catalog said nothing about LEED accreditation, and it isn't equipped for CFL's, but even so...Spires Chandelier sure makes a nice conversation piece, doesn't it? For more on Spires and the myriad other lighting brands Kichler carries, see

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