Friday, February 26, 2010

Product 17: Wolf-Gordon Wallcoverings

Wolf-Gordon Wallcoverings was a research excavation project. One website is under construction, the other is limited (though sports a really cool do-it-yourself design lab), and contact information seemed limited. By coupling the smaller with the much more informative , however, a fascinating company was finally revealed. Wolf-Gordon is a design printing press, in essence, and can print literally any digital image on just about anything: vinyl, paper, and polyolefin wallcoverings, signage materials from satin to canvas, UV-rated solar screen, and photographic films: opaque, metallic, and a translucent laminate for backlighting--to name a few. Any size, scale pattern, and repeat desired can be accomplished, so the sky really is the limit here. Even better, Wolf-Gordon has a reclamation program in which they will reclaim any product, Wolf-Gordon or not, after it has been used and they'll send it along the line for secondary use. Great for hospitality and commercial use, but these prints would be remarkable in a residential setting too. See the bolded sites above to see more.

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