Thursday, March 4, 2010

Product 23: Just Scandinavian Josef Frank Wallpaper

Bright, cheerful, and Swedish--this best describes Just Scandinavian's Josef Frank Wallpaper line. As the company's name suggests, this TriBeCa store only carries Scandinavian products. Out of the iconic Josef Frank wallpaper, the Krysantemer print (here in red, yellow, and gray) was of particular interest as it was more simplistic in design than it's vivid cousins. Although the discovery of an elusive favorite was exciting, the lack of information about it's chemical make-up was a let down: come on, Just Scandinavian, is it green or not? The size and repeat were published, however, at 21" wide and 25", respectively. 11 yards a roll, 1 roll minimum, at $110.00 a roll. More, you say? Here: .

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