Friday, March 19, 2010

Product 32: 3-Form 100 Percent Surfaces

3-Form, manufacturer of one-of-a-kind resins, is going where no plastics manufacturers have gone before--into recycling HDPE into architectural resin panels. Translation, please: Old detergent bottles, milk cartons, and shampoo bottles find new life in this slabs of plastic, perfect for counters, horizontal work surfaces, and even restroom partitions. PET plastic, the kind used to make disposable water bottles, is 40 times more impact-resistant than glass, and this is what 3-Form uses in other products. But PET's brother HDPE has always been more difficult to work with, despite being even stronger and more impact-resistant. 3-Form recycles discarded bottles and such made from HDPE into tiny plastic pellets, which are then melted down into the panels (see above pictures). Available in 6 solid colors and 4 blends (speckled), this product is chemical and UV resistant. Thanks to 3-Form's reclamation project, when it's reached it's end, just ship it back to the factory (free!) to have it completely recycled. It's name? 100 percent, of course. For more information on 100 percent, 3-Form, and other really cool stuff, see .

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