Friday, March 26, 2010

Product 39: Cortina Leathers, Inc.

An American-based Italian leather-gods company, Cortina Leathers, Inc. has always done things a little differently. They are "woman-owned" by a mother and daughter team, introduced chrome-free and environmentally friendly leather, invented the "No Overage Guarantee," and can drop-ship anywhere in the world. ANSI and ASME certified, these high quality leathers are purchased directly from tanneries. Finishes include embossing, stamping, printing, and with or without fur. And Cortina can produce any leather in any color, embossment, quality, sheen, tipping, and stain-resistance treatment. Leathers used also provide options: Cowhide, goat, horse, lamb, ostrich, parchment, pig, reptile, and shagreen (stingray). Order free samples or just look at the awesome pictures at .

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