Friday, March 26, 2010

Product 38: Vintage Tub & Bath, Elizabethan Classics Tub

There are few pleasures in life better than bubble baths, at least for girls...but a bubble bath in a tub made of a semi-precious metal? That's just the ticket, especially after a long day in studio. Vintage Tub and Bath takes tubs to the luxurious extreme, and one of their finer lines is the copper bathtub collection. A specific delight was the "Elizabethan Classics Tub," (middle picture) though it's doubtful as to whether or not the original Elizabethan's would have appreciated a bath, this one it just great. The Weathered Finish it comes with is beautifully polished, though the finish will change some over time due to oxidation and wear. No faucet drillings in this model, though it does come with a pedestal base and a 65 gallon capacity, not to mention a hefty price tag of $5, 678.00 and a limited quantity. Dimensions: W-33.5", H-33.5" (with pedestal base), L-65.5". Sitting Area: 61.5" x 29.5". To see one for the coveting, see .

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