Friday, March 19, 2010

Product 35: Fabrica Wool Carpet in Canberra

A designer's dream: padding around a room barefoot, toes scrunching into the deep, soft pile of 100% New Zealand sheep's wool, creamy white with gentle tufted loops...Introducing Fabrica Fine Carpets & Rugs' Canberra Carpet, available in 60 colors, plus any custom concoction imaginable. Soft meets sturdy with Fabrica's double backing treatment (primary: woven polypropylene, secondary: Custom-Bac™ woven polypropylene), and wool is naturally static resistant. Stains, typically, are more readily removed in wool, but be careful. Also note that a suction-only vacuum is best; no beater bars, please. Width is 12' wide, and weight is 98 oz/square yard. Fabrica Fine Carpets & Rugs also sells rugs (hence the name...) and some carpets come in both carpet and rug forms. For more information, some beautiful pictures, and a little tinkly music, see .

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