Friday, March 19, 2010

Product 31: Okite Quartz Countertops

A material both intriguing and beautiful, Okite's 100% quartz countertops carry some considerable weight--physically and in stamps of approval. Okite is certified by the National Science Foundation, GreenGuard, and can earn a project up to 14 LEED points. Okite also sports high durability, easy maintenance, completely customizable color (though Okite offers many standard colors as well), and absolutely never needs to be sealed, polished or buffed like other stones do. #1665 "Bianco Assoluto" is heralded as "the Industry's whitest stone," and "Collezione Venati" is "the Industry's first veined quartz," both pretty nifty innovations. A word of caution, however: Okite is not meant for outdoor applications, so put away those Cabana plans. And while it is chemically resistant, be wary of heat and cleaners with high PH and alkaline levels. For more Okite, see this Italian line's website at .

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