Thursday, March 4, 2010

Product 24: Frances Rose Birch Wallpaper

The United Kingdom company Frances Rose worked with manufacturer Prestigious to manufacture the intriguing and pearlescent Birch print wallpaper. Birch is a part of the Woodland Collection, and sister-triad of colors include Damson, Marine and Olive. Shimmering shades of starkly vertical birch trunks made a particularly eye-catching arrangement when in a formal setting, as seen in the site's pictures. The personal favorite was Olive, though all three are beautifully luxe. Frances Rose specializes in printed fabrics, too, and matching cushions and wall-hangings are available. This straight-match print runs at £30.00 a yard, and is 53 cm wide, repeats at 64 cm, and the roll length is 10 m. To see more, check out , or e-mail .

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