Friday, March 12, 2010

Product 29: Sherwin-Williams EasyChange Wallpaper, Dahlia Collection

My mother loves the patterns, but despises wallpaper for one reason only: tearing it down. Alas, a solution has been created by Sherwin-Williams. EasyChange Wallpaper, featured here in the lovely Dahlia Collection. This vast line (59 collections, dozens of prints within each!) all hold to the same stellar credentials. All are environmentally friendly, durable, breathable (won't retain moisture), and dimensional stability to prevent expansion, contraction and seam separation. Some are pre-pasted, and some are as easy to apply as painting, dubbed "paste the wall" by Sherwin-Williams. But when it's time to ditch those florals or stripes, just pull 'em off the wall. No fancy tools or solvents need apply. Check them out at .

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