Friday, March 26, 2010

Product 40: Green Culture PolyWood Outdoor Furniture

Shown here in the Adirondack style, Green Culture's PolyWood furniture is an eco-friendly alternative to discarding weather beaten wood, plastic or metal furniture year after year. PolyWood is 100% recycled plastic, recovered from soda and milk bottles. Once processed, this product is highly durable, weather-resistant, UV stabilized, and can be cast into any of dozens of furniture casts. PolyWood is easy to clean (soap and water), and comes in about 6 colors, though these can vary from model to model. Expect 2-4 weeks' wait when ordering, and some high prices: the rocking chair was $406.63 at 50% off. Kind of plain, but very nice. See to see these products.

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