Friday, March 26, 2010

Product 37: Livinglass

Livinglass offers glass and resin in three lines: luxe (the heavyweight original), light (the slimmer, trimmer, cheaper, and LEED-friendly kid brother), and curve (the curvy twin of light). To visualize, think sandwich: glass or resin, filler, then another piece of glass or resin. Fillers can be virtually anything: flora (any plant, more or less), fauna (butterflies!), geodes, sandollars, fabric, imprints, custometc. Applications are near-infinite, as this is impact, UV, moisture, and chemically resistant stuff. Also Class A/Class 1 fire-rated, and anti-microbial/sanitary. Need a partition? Hanging ceiling? Doors, stairs, floors? Lighting or countertops? They've got it, at .

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